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We’re so honored to hear that our clients have enjoyed their experience with us. In fact, we’re so honored that we’ve listed them below in order to symbolize our dedication to our craft and our customers. Take a look below to see what the world is saying about us.


Brilliant experience! Its nice to have met someone who is so environmentally and socially conscious. I love the fact that for the first time ever my head hasn't felt like it was on fire as she uses non-ammonium based toners- joys sometimes of being blonde. Hairdresser Suellen is mad on David Bowie hence the "ziggy", Which, to anyone with taste, is Awesome! If you enjoy listening to classic rock and pop, having a great chat and at the same time knowing that all of the products used (including waste) are environmentaly friendly as well as Australian made- this is the place for you. Not only was the style that she did for me AMAZING, but the whole experience was fun. Top marks :)

Joss Larsen

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